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Pre K4

Early Learning Adventures

for Young Scholars



the Pre K 4 program at B & J.

At B & J Wonderland Day Care, we provide a rich learning environment for 4-year-old children during before or after school hours, as well as full day programs. Our preschool curriculum follows the play-based Preschool Playful Learning method, allowing young students to gain knowledge and skills through hands-on activities tailored to their developmental needs. Whether your child attends our full day program or comes before or after a Prek-4 school day, they will benefit from engaging lessons led by our knowledgeable teachers. We accept HRA/ ACS vouchers and are committed to nurturing the growth and curiosity of 4-year-olds in our community. Contact us to learn more about our programs and how we can prepare your child for kindergarten success.


Enhancing Learning Beyond the Classroom

Comprehensive Support for Young Scholars

Afterschool Services: Available for Pre k4 students at B & J Wonderland Day Care.

Nutritious Snacks & Supper: Provided to our afterschoolers for energy and focus.

Homework support: Offers guidance and coaching during homework time.

Social Interaction: Encourages social skills through interactive activities with peers.

Before School Services: Assistance with drop-offs to suit your schedule.

Extended Hours: Open during school closures, offering full-day care.

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Top Locations

Day Care 1: 
701 W 176th St 
New York NY 10033

Day care 3: 
260 Audubon Ave. 
New York NY 10033

Day care 4: 
4500 Broadway 
New York NY 10040 

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Exceptional Offerings at B & J Day Care

Flexible Hours

Conveniently open Monday to Friday, 7 AM to 7 PM, to suit your schedule.

Bilingual Environment

Encourages bilingual development in both English and Spanish.

Age-Inclusive Care

Offers care for children aged 1 month to 12 years, meeting a broad range of childcare needs.

Organic Meals

Provides organic, gluten free, non kosher. Whole grain and natural products, ensuring nutritional care for children.

Parental Surveillance 

Enables parents to stay connected with their child through accessible surveillance cameras.

Versatile Care Options

Includes Universal Prek 3, Full-Time, Part-Time, Drop-in care, and Before/After-school programs.

Baby Sign Language

Incorporates baby sign language to aid infant communication.

Electronic Reports

Keeps parents informed with detailed electronic reports on their infant's daily activities and development.



Unique child-centric programs

At B & J Wonderland Day Care, we provide a range of age-specific programs designed to foster all facets of early childhood growth. Each program, focused on different age groups, is carefully crafted to encourage creativity, intellectual development, and safe exploration.


This program caters to the unique developmental needs of infants.

1 to 24 months


This program supports the developmental strides of toddlers.

2-3 years


After-school care nurturing Pre-K 4 children's development.

3-4 years


Fostering academic skills alongside social and emotional development.

5 to 12 years


An engaging program that combines fun, learning, and adventure for your child.

All ages

Picnic at the park .png

This program provides adaptable, top-tier child care tailored for active families.

All ages


B & J Wonderland Summer Camp: All ages explore, socialize, learn.

All ages


Early childhood education nurturing three-year-old development.

3 years


B & J for a safe, supportive, and enriching experience


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