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Our mission is to offer your family a clean, safe, nurturing and academically stimulating environment where your child can blossom through age adequate activities taught by qualified child care providers with a passion for children and education. Our vision is for B&J Wonderland to be recognized as the leader in infant, pre-school and school age education. We are already known for our exceptional educational services, enthusiastic providers and our welcoming environment. At B&J our philosophy is to assist every child in their personal and academic development from infancy to school age. We stand behind our values to be responsible, transparent | Children-First | Ethical

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Daycare 1

701 West 176th Street

 New York, NY 10033

Daycare 4

4500 Broadway

New York, NY 10040

Daycare 2

80 Fort Washington Avenue

New York, NY 10032

Daycare 3

260 Audubon Avenue

New York, NY 10033

Infant Nursery

260 Ft. Washington Ave

NY NY 10032 




With B & J’s commitment to helping your child grow through learning and playing, we yearn to give your family the best childcare experience. With a family-style environment we help your children learn manners, sharing, homework help, the value of family and friendships, cultural diversity and how learning all academic subjects can be fun and creative

We're Setting The New Standard For Child Care.

Whether you need part-time care or need to trust someone with your child full-time while you work, we make it very easy for you to choose B&J Wonderland Daycare. Not only are we confident in our abilities in providing the best care, but we give you the option to see for yourself with our live web cams. Thinking of joining us? Start the process today by contacting us!

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701 West 176th Street

New York, NY 10033

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