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Infant Nursery

260 Ft. Washington Ave

NY NY 10032 


Ms. Brendy Duran

On-Site Provider

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B & J Infant Nursery-WAHI

Ms. Brendy embarked on her journey with B & J Wonderland Day Care as an assistant child care provider in 2016, laying the foundation for her career in child care.

In 2019, Ms. Brendy's passion and dedication led her to establish her own venture, B & J Infant Nursery-WAHI, reflecting her commitment to providing exceptional care for infants.

Throughout her tenure at B & J Wonderland Day Care, Ms. Brendy's exemplary performance stood out, earning admiration from both families and colleagues. Her nurturing approach and boundless creativity enriched the lives of the children under her care, fostering a warm and stimulating environment.

Virtual Tour of Infant Nursery 

B & J Infant Nursery-WAHI is the only location exclusively for children 1-24 months old in Washington Heights. Children obtain a nanny share experience with our 2:1 child to provider ratio. 

B&J Infant Nursery
1 - 24 months old
3 months and older
Less than $600 per week
Over $700 per week
Surveillance camera
No surveillance camera
7am - 7pm
7:30am - 6pm
3 meals and 1 snack per day
Meals are not included
2 : 1 Child to provider ratio
4 : 1 Child to provider ratio
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Apply Today

Note: Child Care availability varies per location. 

A slot is not fully reserved until we have confirmed availability at your preferred location, & full application and payment for the first week's tuition & Registration fee is received.

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Full time

Part Time 

Drop in Care

RN Shift Schedule 


General Info

Ages 1-24 months ONLY

Organic and nutritious meals

Surveillance Camera for parents


Bilingual in English & Spanish

Flexible hours 7am-7pm

Child to provider ratio 2:1

Acceptable payment method: Cash & Electronic 


B&J Infant Nursery 
VS Our Competitors

B&J Infant Nursery stands apart from its competitors through its unwavering commitment to excellence, personalized care, safety, and transparent communication. With us, families can rest assured that their child's early years are nurtured with the utmost dedication and expertise, laying the foundation for a lifetime of learning and success.


​260 Ft. Washington Ave NY NY 10032

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